Parler is over

And then one day, like a miracle, Parler disappeared. The far right lunatic social network was evicted by its web hosting service last night, meaning now points nowhere, and the pro-Trump site simply no longer exists.

This doesn’t mean Parler won’t be back, as it’s reportedly searching for a new web host. But there are only a small number of web hosting services that can handle a website of its size, and thus far none of them are willing to take on the liability of hosting a site that’s full of violent rhetoric. Even if Parler does come back online in a week or a month, momentum is everything when it comes to building and maintaining a social network, and by that time most of Parler’s momentum (and thus user headcount) will have evaporated.

Here’s the thing. These lunatics all quit (or got banned from) Twitter and went to Parler, only for it to be shut down. Now they’re presumably reduced to standing in their back yard and yelling their conspiracy theories at squirrels.

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