That sound you hear right now is Donald Trump – and everyone around him – panicking and screaming

Special Counsel Robert Mueller just told a judge that he thinks Michael Flynn should get a free pass with little or no jail time, not because there was no crime in the Trump-Russia scandal, but because there was so much crime in the scandal, and Flynn has blown the whole thing open. Mueller then spelled out page after page of these Trump regime crimes, only to redact to most of it.

That sound you hear right now is Donald Trump, along with just about everyone who has worked in his White House, everyone who worked for his campaign, and everyone who worked for his transition team, panicking and screaming. Why? The entire Trump political regime has been one prolonged criminal conspiracy. Michael Flynn played key roles in the campaign and transition team, and he spent a month with a top role in the White House.

In other words, Michael Flynn came into contact with just about everyone who has played a meaningful role in Donald Trump’s foray into politics – and Flynn has clearly given up everything about everyone. Everyone in Trump’s orbit has to be staring at all these redacted pages, trying to interpret the handful of unredacted sentences, wondering if it’s about them, and thinking seriously about how they want to spend the rest of their lives.

For Robert Mueller, this is more than just a way of torturing Donald Trump’s people. Michael Flynn committed treason, yet Mueller basically just pardoned him, just for being so darned helpful. This is a clever way of getting everyone around Trump to panic, and consider calling Mueller in the morning, to see if there’s a deal to be had for them if they give up Trump too.

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