Marco Rubio gets owned by Stoneman Douglas students

Once upon a time there was a son of Cuban immigrants. His name was Little Marco. As he grew up in Florida in a somewhat privileged fashion, he aspired to be President of the United States. And… that’s where his great American story ends. After becoming a U.S. Senator by being owned by the NRA to the tune of millions of dollars, Little Marco Rubio showed up at a CNN Town Hall earlier tonight in a pathetic attempt to “debate” surviving students and parents of the Parkland Massacre.

This spineless Senator, who has contradicted himself and pandered to the far right time and again over the years, had the audacity to claim that “influence comes not from money” and, when asked a direct question, refused to say he would no longer accept money from the NRA. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems every few months that Little Marco creates a highlight (lowlight?) reel of blunders that any smart Democratic candidate will adeptly use against him in a future Senate race.

How stupid does he think these actually brilliant kids are? His lack of vision in realizing that the sentiment of the country regarding guns and the NRA changed heavily several years ago will be his undoing. Furthermore, these teens will soon be eligible to vote. And vote they will, sending short-sighted fools of his ilk packing for different careers.

One thing is evident: Little Marco Rubio will never be President. He’ll be lucky to remain a U.S. Senator if he decides to run again when his term is up.