Overwhelming force

Officials have announced that they’re now putting 20,000 armed National Guard troops in DC for the inauguration. Good. The only thing far right lunatics understand is overwhelming force. When these pro-Trump goons see what they’re up against, hopefully they’ll go back to their moms’ basements.

There’s already live television of these National Guard troops taking position, erecting barriers, and patrolling in DC. This is precisely what we need. It sends a clear message that we still have a functioning government, in spite of what a domestic terrorist like Donald Trump is trying to incite.

There still must be investigations and accountability for why the National Guard wasn’t in place at the Capitol building last week during the January 6th vote. If that had been handled properly, the terrorist attack never would have happened, and we wouldn’t be dealing with this fallout. The only upside is that the terrorists have now lost the element of surprise, and the Capitol is now going to be a fortress accordingly.

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