Donald Trump just gave away that he knows it’s all over for him and he’s scared

Earlier today, Donald Trump released a brief written statement, urging his supporters not to carry out any more violence. After his impeachment became official this evening, Trump released a five minute long video, pushing that same message – and giving away just how much he knows it’s all over for him.

Trump spent nearly the entire video urging his supporters to stay home, stay away from the Capitol and the inauguration, and refrain from doing any more harm. It falls firmly under the category of “too little too late.”

But it’s notable that Trump now finally seems to understand how screwed he is. Banks are cutting him off. He’s losing properties and contracts. He’s lost everyone from Mitch McConnell to Bill Belichick. It’s clear that he’ll be criminally prosecuted once he’s out of office. Trump is now begging for mercy. That video isn’t aimed at his supporters so much as it’s aimed at the eventual jurors in his criminal trial.

Notably, Twitter allowed Donald Trump to post this video to the official @WhiteHouse government account, after having previously deleted his attempts at using that account. We’re guessing Twitter allowed this as a one-off, in the hope that the video will reduce the odds of additional violence. We won’t post the video here, but you can watch it at this link.

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