Donald Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” is a dumpster fire

Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” clearly didn’t speed up anything, since the first vaccine out of the gate wasn’t even part of the program. Worse, Trump took billions of dollars in hospital funding and funneled it into the Warp Speed program, which went nowhere. The only question now is whether Warp Speed was just an inept failure, or a corrupt Trump slush fund. That’s for the DOJ to figure out.

– Marjorie Taylor Greene is bragging that she got 74.7% of the vote in her district, but she ran unopposed. That’s right, a fourth of voters took one look at her and decided they preferred nobody at all.

– The Republican Governor of Nebraska is now claiming that legalizing marijuana will lead to the death of your kids. No really, he said this. It’s strange how the people who think marijuana will kill you are the same people who think you don’t need a mask in a pandemic.

– Tweet of the day, from Dr. Vin Gupta:


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