It’s official: Robert Mueller is targeting Ivanka Trump

Earlier this evening Palmer Report pointed out that Ivanka Trump is in real trouble when it comes to the Trump-Russia election scandal, because she knowingly participated in the Trump Tower Moscow deal. We explained that Special Counsel Robert Mueller would surely follow the lead accordingly. Now we have confirmation of precisely that.

Mediaite just ran an article with the headline “Mueller Reportedly Looking at Ivanka Trump’s Involvement With Trump Tower Moscow” which tells you all you need to know about how quickly this is unfolding. It also erases any doubt that Mueller is looking to take down Trump’s kids for their crimes – and he’s planning to do it the hard way if necessary.

Robert Mueller is going to have an easy time putting Donald Trump Jr in prison, because Junior committed provable perjury in his testimony last year before the House Intel Committee. When the Democrats take control of the House in five weeks, they’ll turn that transcript over to Mueller, who will then be able to nail Junior on a charge that’s quick and easy to prove – thus firing a broadside at Donald Trump – before eventually circling back and putting Junior on trial for the full array of charges.

Robert Mueller doesn’t have that path available to him when it comes to Ivanka Trump, because she never testified to Congress. But now we know that Mueller is actively targeting her anyway, even though he’ll have to prove more complex charges in order to take her down. This just keeps getting uglier for Donald Trump, whose entire family is on its way to prison.

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