None of the October surprises seem to be going Donald Trump’s way

– What’s remarkable is how badly Trump keeps swinging and missing when it comes to the “October surprises” he’s been trying to manufacture. The phony Hunter Biden laptop story went nowhere. His dueling town hall stunt went nowhere. Last night’s John Ratcliffe press briefing stunt went nowhere. His 60 Minutes feud/leak isn’t helping him any. It’s a reminder that he’s never been particularly effective at any of this kind of stuff.

– The President of the United States is such an ill tempered fool, they literally have to put a mute button on him tonight. If this were happening with the President of another country, everyone in America would be laughing at him.

– These headlines about Derek Chauvin are misleading. He’s still facing second degree murder charges. The judge merely dismissed the weird “third degree murder” charge that Chauvin was originally hit with. Today is a win for prosecutors, because the most serious charges were upheld.

– Trump is now threatening to fire his own people if they don’t do enough to make him win the election. I don’t think he’s really thought this plan through.

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