Donald Trump Jr cries like a baby as it all goes wrong for him

Even as everything falls apart for Donald Trump, and he comes perilously close to losing everything, the cold hard reality is that his adult kids are in danger of losing everything as well: the money, the family business, and their freedom. Donald Trump Jr seems to be taking it particularly hard.

Donald Trump and his henchmen tried really hard to get anyone outside their idiot base to care about the phony Hunter Biden laptop scandal, but it just isn’t sticking, and Trump is still on track to lose badly. It turns out Donald Trump Jr is quite upset that the phony scandal isn’t working.

Junior tweeted this: “Let’s play a little game called what if it was Don Trump Jr? Do you think every media outlet would desperately be running cover for me? I think it would be a huge fricken deal.”

Well, for starters, if a news story emerged about Donald Trump Jr’s laptop connecting him to criminal behavior, it’s a fair bet that it would be sourced to something more reliable than Rudy Giuliani’s imagination. Come to think of it, plenty of evidence has surfaced connecting Donald Trump Jr to criminal behavior, including the campaign finance fraud case. We’ll surely be hearing plenty more about that if Donald Trump loses the election. No wonder Junior is crying so much.