Oath Keeper cuts deal with DOJ against Oath Keepers leader and Trump world

When the DOJ rounded up the entire Oath Keepers leadership at once in January, it was pretty clearly an attempt at pitting them against each other in order to motivate them to flip. Sure enough, Roger Stone’s Oath Keeper driver quickly cut a deal. But now another Oath Keeper with a different vantage point has also cut a deal.

Oath Keeper William Wilson has cut a cooperation deal with the DOJ, according to The Guardian’s Hugo Lowell. Why is this a big deal? Wilson was in the room on January 6th when Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes was on the phone with an unnamed Trump world figure, attempting to convince Donald Trump to authorize the Oath Keepers to violently stop the election certification.

This means that Wilson has not only given up Rhodes (who at this point is completely screwed), but has also given up the unnamed Trump world figure on the phone. Keep in mind that in order to get a cooperation deal like this, Wilson has already done his proffer session and told the DOJ everything he knows.


So now we’ve got one Oath Keeper cooperating against Roger Stone, and another Oath Keeper cooperating against whichever Trump world figure was on this phone call. This is how the DOJ will get people in Trump world to cut cooperating deals against Donald Trump himself – which is how Trump will end up indicted if he ends up indicted. It’s how these things always work, when they work.

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