Now we’re getting somewhere

The signs have been subtle, but unmistakable, throughout 2021. The federal raid of Rudy Giuliani’s home. The arrest of Tom Barrack. The federal probe into Matt Gaetz. It was clear that once Merrick Garland took over the DOJ, he allowed federal criminal cases to proceed unabated against Donald Trump’s allies. But because such probes move at a painstakingly slow pace in general, and only occasionally take steps that can be seen by the public, you’d need to have been paying close attention to see the pattern – until now.

Yesterday the DOJ had the FBI raid multiple homes associated with Trump-Russia figure Oleg Deripaska. Yesterday a branch of the DOJ also had a grand jury criminally indict House Republican Jeff Fortenberry, on a matter that took place back in 2019. When you put these moves within the context of the cases against Giuliani, Barrack, and others, it’s clear that the DOJ has been proceeding against Trump world at large throughout 2021 – and many of those criminal cases are just now spilling over into public view.


This doesn’t mean that the DOJ will now magically round up everyone in Trump world by this time tomorrow (nothing works that way). But it does mean that Merrick Garland’s DOJ is rapidly reaching critical mass when it comes to the numerous federal criminal cases it’s been pursuing against Trump world all along. Now the big question is how many more such criminal cases against Trump world are underway that haven’t become public yet. No one in Trump world should be sleeping soundly.

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