More bad news for Matt Gaetz


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The passage of time is a fascinating thing. Time is one thing that nobody has control over. Time is like a beautiful poem or carousel. It is always there and as we all go about our lives, the minutes and seconds of the timeless carousel are, as Poet Jaques Brel put it: “the whole world madly turning, turning, turning ’till you can’t see.”

Life is like this elusive carousel that never stops its dizzying turns. And for some people, time can be one’s biggest enemy. Matt Gaetz should know all about that. The Floridian Congressman has been frantic lately — frantic to prove his “good name” has been cleared. But alas, the passage of time is revealing the opposite.

To Matt’s chagrin, the FBI investigation shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. And for Gaetz, it appears the carousel just took a giant loop. Former tax collector Joel Greenberg has been talking. And that, too, shows no sign of stopping. Greenberg isn’t getting off the carousel anytime soon.

Instead, it has turned in new directions. At least, this is what we heard from Roger Handberg, the assistant US Attorney. Handberg announced that Greenburg has revealed some things that “take us to some places we did not anticipate.”

Calling him a “prolific criminal,” Handberg asked for and got an extension for Greenberg’s sentencing hearing. That’s the thing about time. As it ticks away, secrets are often revealed.

And time is not on the side of Gaetz. What Greenberg is sharing with prosecutors, I do not know. But I think it is safe to assume there is much more to this story than we initially thought, and there might be many more implicated than we imagined.

Of course, this is all speculative. We do not know. But Gaetz should be very worried right about now. Because the thing about carousels is when their turns speed up, they can become frenzied and out of control. For Gaetz, this is precisely what appears to have happened.


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