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After much fanfare and Trump’s assertions of what it would reveal, John Durham’s report has landed with a thud. The only cause for celebration for Trump is Durham’s conclusion that the Russia investigation should have never happened. Trump, of course, claimed that Durham’s report “proved” a “deep state plot” against him, but the report says no such thing. According to Lindsey Graham, the rule of law is everything, but we know better. Republicans know the rule of law, but they choose not to follow it. In the end, Durham’s report did nothing other than give Trump something to write about on his failed social media site.

Speaking of the rule of law, Jim Jordan is taking the report to mean that the FBI didn’t follow the law. Jordan doesn’t follow the rule of law. Where does he get off criticizing anyone? It’s almost humorous to listen to Jordan, claiming that the report includes such “harsh and troublesome findings.” The worst thing this report contains is Durham’s opinion about the Russia investigation, though he goes on to say that the FBI did, in fact, had enough information to begin a preliminary review. So, that means that, technically, the FBI did nothing wrong other than to rely on the Steele Dossier, which turned out to be false. Other than that, Durham is not filing any additional charges or making any other criminal allegations or referrals. In other words, it’s certainly not the “damning report” that Republicans are trying to make it.

To demonstrate how ridiculous Republicans are, reported that Tommy Tuberville said: “If people don’t go to jail . . . let’s don’t have elections anymore.” First, Tuberville has a tenuous grasp on the English language at best. Second, his comment further reveals his ignorance. What does this report have to do with voting? Republicans had better think about riling up their voters, not discouraging them to stay home. How did that work out in 2020? No one other than their voters are listening to them, so comments like this go out to them. Tuberville is an idiot. Perhaps he should find another football team to coach since he seems better at that. He went on to lapse into the tired old claim that “Mexican drug cartels are running our borders” and other nonsense that no one listens to except Republican voters. In fact, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas reported last week that border encounters have dropped by 50%. Should we believe Mayorkas-who is directly involved-or a loud-mouth, first time “senator” from Alabama. Yeah, that’s a rhetorical question.

Jim Jordan continues to rail about things that have no value, so the release of this report is right up his proverbial alley. According to Raw Story, Democrat Veronica Escobar (TX), a member of Jordan’s committee, has some choice words for Jordan: “Chairman Jordan, unfortunately, instead of using the committee as a vehicle for getting real work done for the American people, solving the many challenges that we face in our country, he has used it as an opportunity for performance.” “Performing” is all Jordan has done since becoming chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

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