CNN just went all the way off the cliff


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In the wake of the worst town hall EVER, put on by CNN and starring Assolini (otherwise known as Donald Trump), people are furious. Chris Licht appears to live on his own private island, an island in which he is an inventive and excellent CEO who is doing CNN a great service. His ratings say otherwise.

Before I go on, I must comment that I couldn’t believe it when I first heard this story. I knew people were angry. I knew CNN had lost even more viewers, that people were boycotting. But boy, oh boy, was I still shocked to hear the latest.

CNN, for the first time EVER, fell out of the top three cable networks in ratings. Their ratings cratered SO badly — they didn’t even come in third place. They came in fourth. Congratulations, Chris Licht, and may I say I hope you know that this rating crash is because of YOUR work at CNN. How proud you must be!

Newsmax beat CNN in the Friday ratings. Now I’m not a fan of Newsmax. They’re even more alt-right than Fox. But there is some sort of poetic justice to CNN losing to a TRUMP station! On Friday, two days after the horrid town hall, CNN was watched by — wait for it — an average of 335,000 viewers.

What’s a failed CEO to do? Well — I can answer that. How about screwing over his employees? Because reportedly, Licht did that too. Allow me to explain. Palmer Report has told the story of Oliver Darcy, the CNN journalist who told the truth about the town hall. Reportedly, Licht is trying to get staff to toe the company line.

He is alleged to have done this by going behind his employee’s back. Reportedly, Licht’s allies anonymously told other news outlets that staff members were angry about Darcy’s newsletter. There was just one problem. They weren’t.

CNN employees were reportedly “appalled” to read THEY were angry at Darcy — because most of them were pretty proud of him. “Zero complaints.” That’s what staffers are saying about Darcy — that nobody was angry at all — except, of course, for Chris Licht.

Licht is also reportedly desperate because The Atlantic’s Tim Alberta is profiling him, and Licht wants a perfect profile. I think Licht should worry more about his job than his profile. It’s incredible, is it not?



Licht seems to be MADE of hubris. The fact is his network is failing. His employees are revolting. Almost everyone seems to despise him. Licht has singlehandedly done more damage to cable media than anyone I’ve seen in a long time. Congrats, Licht, for showing the world what an idiot you are. Good luck retaining fourth place in the ratings.


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