Donald Trump made clear that he’s not happy with Bill Barr’s testimony

When Bill Barr publicly testified to the House Judiciary Committee today, he had one goal: push Donald Trump’s lies and propaganda, in the hope of keeping himself on track for a pardon. House Democrats had one goal of their own: get Barr flustered, knock him off script, and get him to say things that would hurt himself and Trump.

There were no knockout punches for either side during today’s hearing. But on the whole, things didn’t go particularly well for Bill Barr. For instance he got defensive any time Roger Stone was mentioned, and ended up panicking and trying to throw his underlings under the bus for the decision to illegally meddle in Stone’s sentencing. We all know Donald Trump was watching. Now we know Trump wasn’t impressed with Barr’s performance.

How do we know this? Trump just grabbed the microphone himself. He’s on TV right now, babbling frantically and incoherently, implying that he’s putting a coronavirus vaccine into production that doesn’t even exist yet. Trump is throwing anything at the wall right now that he can think of, in order to make sure that the evening news cycle focuses more on what he’s saying, and less on what Bill Barr said. That’s how you know Trump doesn’t think Barr’s testimony helped him any today.

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