Donald Trump’s press conference is a complete disaster

Donald Trump is on stage right now dishing out dangerous false medical advice, while whining about how nobody likes him, and insisting that he has no idea what he retweeted last night. No really, this is happening.

In what might be his worst press conference to date, Trump just announced that he’s bailing out Kodak for no apparent reason. He seemed to imply that he’s putting a coronavirus vaccine into production, when it doesn’t even exist. He’s insisting that hydroxychloroquine is a perfectly safe coronavirus drug, when even his own FDA has revoked its approval as a coronavirus treatment. And he’s defending a controversial doctor who thinks that “alien DNA” and “demon spawn” are real things.

Curiously, when a reporter asked Donald Trump about the retweet he posted last night criticizing Dr. Fauci, Trump insisted that he had no idea what he’d retweeted. For once, Trump may have been speaking the truth. Trump’s brain is just about completely gone.

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