No wonder Sean Hannity is panicking

Sean Hannity, in his attacks on NYT’s Maggie Haberman, said in his rant, “The mob, the media, they miss Trump …” Hannity was clearly making a Freudian slip here, but it’s still true. The mob’s going to miss Trump most painfully.

Hannity is definitely on the defensive here. We believe it could be because of the Michael Cohen Client #3 exposure. But it could also be the Giuliani phone records seizure, or a million other criminal things tied to Trump. It’s like when Tucker Carlson got the deer-in-the-headlights look when Matt Gaetz reminded him of his dinner with Gaetz and his child-rape- victim. The only logical conclusion here is someone is guilty. Of what, we will find out, but their latest attacks on the FBI make us think it’s going to be Federal and big.

If these guys push back, it’s because they know something is about to drop and it will affect them. The one thing about the Hannity clip is the discernable wavering of Hannity’s voice. He’s terrified. If the NYT is “stalking” his BFF, late-night phone buddy, then you can bet, Hannity’s all up in it.


Meanwhile, Trump is whining about being a target which makes us all think he’s gotten a target letter from the Feds for one of his multiple crimes. The reason the press is still focused on him is because a former President being criminally charged is huge, nation-changing news. Biden, professionally going about the very difficult job of being President for all Americans is news, but thankfully, with him in charge, it’s not a headline.

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