No wonder Lauren Boebert has been melting down so badly today

Lauren Boebert had an almost psychotic meltdown on the House floor today, hurling profoundly deranged false accusations at Eric Swalwell and others, after the Feds raided the home of her former campaign manager last night. She knows how bad this is about to get for her.

Even if the raid itself is unrelated to Boebert, it creates the scenario in which the former campaign manager can try to save herself by giving up all the dirt she has on Boebert. It’s how these situations often play out – and Boebert certainly knows that.


There have long been allegations that Boebert used campaign funds to pay for things like her own rent, which is a felony if done on purpose. Boebert’s former campaign manager would certainly have the inside scoop on what was really going on with those campaign funds. Stay tuned, this could get interesting.

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