No wonder Donald Trump is losing

If Donald Trump had any idea what he was doing, he’d be making up phony yet easily believable scandals about Joe Biden. He’d go with pedestrian things that the average person might fall for. Instead Trump is pushing conspiracy theories that border on science fiction, that only his idiot base would believe. No wonder he’s losing.

In fact Trump gave something away last night when he used the phrase “hard drive from hell” to describe the phony Hunter Biden laptop scandal. It’s the same phrase that Rudy Giuliani had tweeted the day before. Trump is just up there repeating whatever incoherent lunacy Rudy is feeding him. Trump and Rudy are the same half-senile criminal idiot.

Trump has clearly gotten worse at this over the past four years. But let’s not forget that he was never any good at it to begin with. He was only able to get anywhere with the phony Hillary Clinton email scandal because the GOP had already been laying the groundwork for it before he came along, and because the media pretended it was a real scandal so they could milk it for ratings, and because Comey’s last minute letter upended everything.

Short of all that help, Trump wouldn’t have gotten anywhere in 2016 either. He sucks at this, and he’s always sucked at this. It’s just that no one is propping up his favorite phony scandals this time around.

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