Donald Trump is out of time

With eleven days left in the election, the debates are over, the FBI already held its pointless press conference, the polls show just a tiny number of remaining undecided voters, and Joe Biden is further ahead than ever. Donald Trump is out of time to change minds, and at this point even he likely knows it. So now what?

If you can’t change voters’ minds, the next step is to find a way to keep them from voting. Trump and his allies have already rolled out every form of voter suppression they can think of, yet it’s being defeated by overwhelming turnout. The only play Trump has left is to goad people into not turning out.

In that regard, we can expect Donald Trump to start doing anything he can to scare us, confuse us, or otherwise distract us from focusing on the task at hand, so we’ll stop focusing on driving turnout. He’ll try one stupid stunt after another – not the major kind of stunt that could backfire and make us even more motivated to vote, but the stupid kinds of stunts he’s always been known for. Except now those stunts will all come at once, like some kind of deranged bonus round.

Our job continues to be this: keep one eye on Donald Trump’s antics for reference, but don’t get distracted by any of it. Make a point of voting. Make sure your like minded friends and family vote. Volunteer for the Biden campaign if you can; last minute phone banking for a swing state can make a huge difference. No panicking, no fretting. If we stay focused and put in the work, we’ve got this.

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