Why would Robert Mueller give up and say ‘no collusion’ just days before he could have gotten his hands on a crucial piece of collusion evidence?

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Several major media outlets including Politico have reported that federal prosecutors went into court yesterday and revealed that Robert Mueller’s grand jury is still “continuing robustly,” despite Mueller having filed his final report, and Mueller’s team having been disbanded. This raised immediate questions about why and how the Mueller probe is still ongoing. It also raises a bigger question about the timing of the Mueller report.

Court proceedings have revealed that Robert Mueller’s long running subpoena battle was with a financial institution that’s entirely owned by a foreign government. This was clearly an attempt at uncovering financial dealings between this bank, and either Donald Trump or someone in his campaign orbit. This would seem to speak to the very heart of whether the Trump campaign was colluding with a foreign government.

Yet just as the Supreme Court was about to announce whether it would be taking up the case, Mueller suddenly decided to end his investigation and turn in his report without the evidence in question. Sure enough, just a few days after Mueller filed his report, the Supreme Court announced that it was not taking up the case. This meant that if the company didn’t immediately turn over the records, Mueller could have potentially seized its assets and/or raided its offices in order to obtain the records.

Are we supposed to believe that Robert Mueller voluntarily ended his collusion investigation at a time when he knew he was just a few days from a ruling that could have allowed him to have immediately and forcibly obtained a crucial piece of collusion evidence? William Barr claims that Mueller’s report says there was no evidence of collusion. Perhaps that’s because Barr knew the Supreme Court was about to hand Mueller the collusion evidence he’d long been seeking, and Barr shut Mueller down just before it could happen.

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