Nancy Pelosi drops the hammer on Donald Trump and House Republicans

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has had enough of this crap. Donald Trump’s newly handpicked Attorney General William Barr falsely characterized the Mueller report over the weekend, and Trump’s Republican House allies have spent the week using Barr’s disingenuous “summary” to try to punish those who have dared to expose Trump’s scandals. Now Pelosi is coming out swinging.

As for William Barr’s four page “summary” of the Mueller report – which is now known to contain at least three hundred pages of evidence about Donald Trump’s scandals – Pelosi isn’t having any of it. She’s slamming Barr’s actions as “arrogant” and “condescending” and she’s throwing her full weight behind the brewing legal fight to force the entire Mueller report to become public. House Democrats have a number of options available, including subpoenaing the report itself, subpoenaing Barr, and subpoenaing Mueller.

Meanwhile, the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee are making the bizarre demand that Chairman Adam Schiff resign, because he’s spent the past two years pointing to the abundance of Trump-Russia collusion evidence that’s been in plain sight. Schiff isn’t going anywhere, as the Republicans don’t have the numbers to oust him. Nancy Pelosi, who would make any final call about Schiff’s fate, is coming out strongly in his support. She’s slamming the Republicans on the committee, calling them “scaredy cats” who “just don’t know what to do.”

Even as the Trump-Barr coverup of the Mueller report continues to show more cracks by the hour, it’s clear that Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats are going to keep hammering away at exposing the truth, no matter what Donald Trump and the Republicans might throw at them.

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