Nikki Haley’s 2024 campaign just went off a cliff


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Which came first, the chicken or the egg? In this case, the eggs (plural) were already there. And they had a resounding message for the chicken: That message was: leave us alone. The setting was the Live free or Die state of New Hampshire.

The attendee was Nikki Haley. Haley’s been out of the news lately but makes no mistake, she is ready, willing, and oh so able to continue to embarrass herself. So she appeared at the “Politics and Eggs” gathering at Saint Anselm College. How sweet. And what a lovely name — politics and eggs. And it turned out to be the perfect name because Haley wound up with egg on her face.

So there stood Nikki, eyes full of sparkle, eager to win over the hearts and minds of the Politics and Eggs crowd. But Haley ended up misunderstanding her audience as she does regularly. You see, the politicss-eggs group was made up of nice and polite business people, and many were from the non-profit sector.

These are quality people, not Maga vermin Haley no doubt thought she was talking to. So Haley decided to try to connect with her voters. And she decided to use cruelty as her main message. “Everybody knows about Dylan Mulvaney,” Nikki asked the crowd.

You know where this is going. Haley wanted to bond with her people — and what better way than having a cruel laugh over Trans people? Mulvaney, of course, worked with Bud Light. And you know those Republicans — they’ve never met an LGBTQ human they didn’t hate.

Only maybe not so much for the eggs crowd. Because faster than one could say, “scrambled or fried,” Haley made a fool of herself. “Bud light,” Haley asked the crowd with desperation creeping into her voice, trying perhaps to nudge their memory.

“This is a guy dressed as a girl” Haley screeched. “Making fun of women.” Silence. Utter, complete, stark colorless silence. Haley actually appeared to be waiting for claps. The silence stretched on. Not. One. Clap.

One thing New Hampshire people not is stupid. They’re actually pretty damn smart. Haley should have known better, but she didn’t. There is a reason for that which I’ll get to. Haley also, earlier in her speech, had tried to buddy up to the eggs crowd by declaring she’s “unapologetically pro-life.” That didn’t get her anywhere either. That line received a few quiet claps, but they were muted and mostly non-existent.


So here stood Haley — uninspiring, unwanted, and with egg all over the face tricking downward. And the reason Haley did not know better is that she’s a chicken. More than any other Republican candidate, she is the ultimate chicken crossing the street to meet the eggs and getting soundly rejected. How long do you give her until she drops out of the race?


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