Nikki Haley just stepped in it

As of now Nikki Haley is the only viable 2024 Republican presidential candidate left not named Donald Trump. Well, at least until we get to the Republican National Convention, and the party decides to try to dump a senile convicted Trump, and candidates suddenly come out of the woodwork in a floor fight. But for now it’s solely Haley trying to chip away at Trump.

Unfortunately, Nikki Haley is an idiot. Even as Trump is making one completely senile remark after another, Haley is out there stupidly accusing Joe Biden of cognitive problems. And in a reminder that Haley isn’t built for politics, she somehow referred to September 11th as September 10th:

Who gets that wrong? That’s like accidentally saying that Independence Day is on the 5th of July. It just doesn’t happen. But again, Haley doesn’t belong on a political stage. That’s not a gaffe you can afford to make in the same sentence where you accuse other people of having cognitive issues. Nikki Haley is a joke.