New York’s criminal case against Donald Trump just hit the big time

For more than a year, the Manhattan District Attorney has had a widely documented grand jury in the process of criminally indicting Donald Trump on financial charges. Now that Trump is out of office and eligible for arrest, the question has become when the hammer will drop, and precisely what the case will look like.

Now we’re getting a big answer. The Manhattan District Attorney has just hired Mark Pomerantz, a former federal prosecutor with a specialty in white collar crime, to join the prosecution team, according to the New York Times. There would be no reason for the DA to do this unless 1) the criminal case against Trump is a serious one, and 2) he absolutely intends to criminally prosecute Trump for it.

You don’t have to take our word for it; former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissman reacted to this news by tweeting: “Mark Pomerantz is the real deal; This would not be happening if there were not a there there.” In other words, the New York criminal case against Trump just hit the big time with the Pomerantz hiring.

This still doesn’t give away precisely when Donald Trump’s indictment and arrest will come. At this point it’s more about thoroughness than haste. But this hiring does make clear that Trump’s prosecution is a real thing that’s going to happen – and that the criminal case against Trump in New York is an overwhelming one.

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