Ted Cruz’s Cancun scandal just got a whole lot uglier for him

It was bad enough when Senator Ted Cruz decided to skip out on his state of Texas during a deadly winter storm, in favor of vacationing in Cancun. The only way it could get even uglier for him would be if, in addition to abandoning his constituents, he made things even more dangerous for them by leaving. Sure enough, that’s what happened.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo is confirming to CNN’s Jim Acosta that while Ted Cruz was at the airport yesterday, he asked the Houston Police Department for some kind of unspecified assistance. This means that as part of Cruz’s decision to bail on the people of Texas, he took (or attempted to take) police resources away from the people of Texas who were freezing to death in their homes. This makes the whole thing a lot uglier for him.

Meanwhile Ted Cruz has released a statement claiming that he was only accompanying his family down to Cancun, and that he was planning all along to return to Texas today without them. The thing is, no one believes this. Cruz was seen at the Houston airport with a very large suitcase, suggesting he had been planning to remain in Cancun with his family the entire time. Cruz flew home with a much smaller suitcase today, in an apparent attempt at creating the illusion that he was only planning to stay the one night. But no one is buying it.

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