Turns out Donald Trump was lying about throwing out the New York Yankees first pitch

When Donald Trump announced that he would be throwing out the first pitch for the New York Yankees on August 15th, Palmer Report predicted that it would never end up happening. After all, the Yankees are all taking a knee this season, making clear what side of social justice they’re on – and it’s not Trump’s side.

When Trump announced days later that he was canceling his August 15th first pitch because he was going to have too many meetings that day, we got a good laugh out of it. Trump was clearly canceling for some other reason. Now it turns out the reason was more deranged than even we were expecting.

The New York Times is now reporting that the New York Yankees never invited Donald Trump to throw out the first pitch to begin with. He just made up the whole thing out of thin air, because he was jealous that Dr. Fauci had been invited to throw out the first pitch at a Washington Nationals game. It turns out Trump truly is that far removed from reality.

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