Donald Trump and his goons are flaming out in real time

Apparently, the people in the White House have nothing better to do these days. The country is reeling from an out-of-control pandemic and a collapsing economy resulting from the failure of this administration to take coronavirus seriously. Add in the racial unrest and protests, and our country is literally spiraling out of control. Does “president” Donald Trump finally stop all his foolishness and join in these fights? Please. He is far too busy attacking the Reagan Foundation while his trade advisor continues his war against Dr. Anthony Fauci. Are we living in some alternate reality or a bad dream from which we will awake? Unfortunately, no, though we can alter the future.

After Trump saw (or had someone read to him) that the Reagan Foundation asked him to stop using Reagan’s likeness, he went ballistic. Trump re-tweeted another user who tweeted that the Reagan Foundation’s chairman is also the publisher and CEO of the Washington Post. Frederick Ryan, Jr. is indeed CEO and publisher of the Washington Post, but he also served as Chief of Staff to Ronald Reagan from 1989 to 1995, according to the Foundation’s website. He also served on the Reagan/Bush reelection team and was the executive producer of The Reagan Years. While he may be affiliated with the Post, he was also closely affiliated with President Reagan. Once again, Trump puts his ignorance on display for all the world to see.

Adding to the shame of this administration, Peter Navarro wrote a scathing op ed about Dr. Fauci for USA Today. Following extreme backlash for his nonsensical piece, one might think Navarro would quietly retreat to his office, but that would require someone with sense. Instead, when Fox & Friends asked Navarro if he regretted writing the piece, he responded: “You know, the only thing I regret is Dr. Fauci’s pitch the other day at Opening Day. I felt bad for him.” Navarro is yet another incompetent in a clueless White House who, when they are wrong (for the one hundredth time), they attack people. That makes everything right in their minds. We can make things right by getting Trump out of the White House in November. He continues to call polls and reporting “fake” instead of trying to get to the bottom of his tanking numbers. Surely, he knows that he is responsible for his own numbers. He alone allowed coronavirus (not “China flu” as he continues to call it) to spiral out of control because he did not want the economy to take a hit. He is too dense to see that his very act of ignoring the virus caused the economic issues.


In November, let us strive to put someone in the White House who will do better. Joe Biden has empathy for our plight, and he wants to do something about the issues currently plaguing our country. We must come together to ensure that the next person in our White House is a man of integrity and, at the very least, has a brain.

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