New York prosecutors put the squeeze on Trump Organization COO Matthew Calamari

Back when Michael Cohen publicly testified to Congress about Donald Trump’s financial crimes, he listed off the names of a handful of people who had knowledge and evidence of those crimes. Some of the names were obvious, such as Allen Weisselberg. One of the names elicited guffaws; no one had heard of him but he had an oddly memorable name: Matthew Calamari.

Cohen’s testimony kicked off a two year criminal investigation on the part of the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. Now that the DA has empaneled a grand jury to bring indictments in that investigation, we’ve heard a lot about how Weisselberg will be indicted sometime this summer if he doesn’t flip on Trump. Now it turns out he’s not the only one being being squeezed.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that prosecutors are in fact putting the squeeze on – you guessed it – Matthew Calamari. They’re looking into whether he illegally took tax-free benefits from the Trump Organization. If so, he could be criminally indicted and arrested. It’s pretty clear that prosecutors are leaking this in an effort to put pressure on Calamari to flip on Trump.


Michael Cohen, whose testimony has resulted in these dominoes lining up to be knocked over, tweeted the WSJ article today and added this: “One by one…the house built on lies will fall!” Cohen knows precisely what was going on inside the Trump Organization with these financial fraud antics, so it’s notable that he expects Calamari to fall.

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