New York comes closer to nailing Donald Trump

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The Manhattan District Attorney has had a widely documented grand jury in the process of criminally indicting Donald Trump on various financial charges for more than a year, so at this point it’s just a matter of time. In addition, the New York Attorney General has a civil probe into Trump’s financial fraud, which just got a big boost.

The courts ruled today that Trump’s tax firm must turn over key documents to New York Attorney General Tish James, according to CNN. Again, James is running a civil case, where the most severe outcome is an asset forfeiture or massive fine. But James’ civil probe has pretty clearly been running in parallel with the Manhattan DA’s criminal probe, so any criminal evidence obtained by James is surely being shared with the DA, and thus the criminal grand jury.

It would be foolish to guess precisely when New York will nail Donald Trump, as these kinds of investigations and legalities tend to operate on their own peculiar timetables. But at this point there’s no doubt that New York will nail Trump. By the time it’s done, he’ll be looking at a criminal trial, and several of his assets will be the property of New York. Today’s news is a step closer to his inevitable arrest.

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