Donald Trump suddenly has a real “QAnon Shaman” problem

The “QAnon Shaman” – who has been criminally charged for his role in the U.S. Capitol attack – now says he wants to testify against Trump at his impeachment trial. Lindsey Graham is opposed to this, which means I’m leaning toward being in favor of it.

There are pros and cons to bringing in someone like that to testify at something like impeachment, which is really just a show trial aimed at convincing the public that Trump should no longer be a part of politics. We’ll see what Senate Democrats end up deciding. One way or the other, Lindsey Graham won’t get a say in the decision.


But I’ll say this much. It’s a big deal that this QAnon Shaman guy, and others like him, are trying to mount criminal defenses that involve blaming Trump for having incited them into carrying out the Capitol attack. It gives the DOJ far stronger ground to criminally charge Trump for having incited them. And don’t be shocked if people like the “Shaman” end up testifying at Trump’s criminal trial.

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