New occupants in the Republican Clown Car

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Seeing Republicans running around like chickens with their heads cut off is not unusual. Surely, people knew when Jim Jordan became part of oversight, they would get nothing done. Jordan cares nothing about oversight; he’s more focused on revenge, and that’s why any committee in which he is involved will go nowhere. Politico reported that other Republicans are getting “frustrated,” but did they honestly believe anything useful would happen under Jim Jordan’s watch? That, however, is beside the point. Some people in public office are more concerned about looming crises, such as the debt ceiling. Some people in public office want to do what they were sent to do, not seek revenge on their so-called enemies or find out what’s on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Now, according to Mike Johnson (R-LA), as reported by Politico, their constituents are “anxious for results.” Results on what no one knows but them. Surely, these people don’t want Republicans in Washington wasting money on senseless investigations. Politico also reported that Republicans promised voters they would use their power against President Biden “on a host of issues.” Again, where is the focus in this? Are they merely looking for something to investigate, or are they just looking to pick a fight? Yeah, the border is an issue to many Republican voters, but the border is also something that’s not going to be fixed overnight. Honestly, no one can really say President Biden has done anything wrong. Most people simply want what they want when they want it with no plausible ideas of how to get there. This is par for the course for Republicans, especially if Jim Jordan is “leading.” One aide spoke to Politico, anonymously of course, to reiterate the uselessness of Jim Jordan. The initial hearing “revealed little new information,” and others have complained about the structure and strategy, which is obvious, as neither exists.

In the Washington clown car with Jordan is chair James Comer. He has been outspoken about investigating Hunter Biden, and that has gone where we expected: nowhere. Why even promise such a thing when Biden has been under investigation for years? Does Comer think he knows more than federal investigators? Therein lies the biggest problem with Republicans: they think they’re smart, but it is painfully obvious that they are not the brightest bulbs in the box. Jim Jordan claims that the committee is on track, but it’s Jim Jordan for what that’s worth.


Once they realized they had control of the House, Republicans talked a big game that they are unable to back up. Jordan created his “weaponization” committee when the true weaponization occurred on Trump’s watch. Indeed, Trump believed these agencies were in place to do his bidding. Now, with Jim Jordan at the helm, Republicans will squander their slim lead in the House and will accomplish nothing. They don’t care about the will of the American people as much as they seek to quench their thirst for power. This is a deadly combination for so-called “leaders” who are voted into office to make positive changes for citizens of this country.

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