CNN cuts away to Nancy Pelosi interview while Donald Trump’s disastrous press conference is still going on

There’s been a lot of public debate about whether Donald Trump’s increasingly disastrous and dangerous coronavirus press conferences should even be aired live on television. His Monday press briefing was so bad, most TV networks cut away from it long before it was over. Today we saw a whole new development.

Thirty-five minutes into his press conference today, Donald Trump said thank you and walked off the stage, leaving Mike Pence and others to move forward with it. It’s not clear why Trump left when he did, but he was struggling badly today, at times seemingly short of breath, and yelling “fake news” at multiple reporters in the room.

Notably, after Trump walked off, MSNBC continued airing the press conference. But CNN cut away from Mike Pence and instead aired an interview with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. We’ve been able to confirm that Pelosi was already a scheduled guest for the 6:00 hour. Perhaps Trump was trying to hurry up and get off stage before Pelosi’s interview began, for fear CNN would cut him off in favor of Pelosi.

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