Struggling Donald Trump walks out on his own disastrous press conference before it’s over

From the start of his coronavirus press conference today, Donald Trump sounded like was struggling. He seemed to be short of breath from the start. He got lost while telling a story about how beautiful a certain building was. The guy sounded like he barely knew where he was. Then, about half an hour in, he simply walked out while it was still taking place.

It’s not clear if Trump was always planning to leave early, or if he left because of how poorly it was going. He did leave things on a cordial, if abrupt note. However, at various points he was yelling “you’re fake news” at multiple reporters in the room, so it’s clear he wasn’t having a strong go of it.

After Trump walked out, Mike Pence and Steve Mnuchin were left to conduct the remainder of the press conference without him. MSNBC continued airing it, while CNN interviewed Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi instead.

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