Why are MSNBC and CNN broadcasting total fiction tonight about additional Trump-related indictments?

Earlier today MSNBC’s Ari Melber reported that Special Counsel Robert Mueller was finished as of today. He didn’t end it there. This day would go down in history. As of today there is no more Special Counsel. It’s done. It’s over as of today.

But, wait, at 7:00 pm, Robert Mueller’s spokesman stated that Robert Mueller will be concluding his service in the coming days. While this may be a minor distinction, it belies a larger problem with today’s reporting. We just heard definitively from MSNBC that there will be no more indictments. Then, Senator Richard Blumenthal appeared on MSNBC and said more indictments are very likely. Adam Schiff did the same. But none of that swayed MSNBC’s insistence that no one else will be indicted.

CNN has largely been pushing the same false narrative. Then CNBC reported that there are no sealed indictments anywhere. Really? Where are they getting that information? What about Julian Assange? Are we supposed to believe there is no sealed indictment against him?

Perhaps they mean that any additional indictments are no longer Mueller’s, because they have already been handed off to other offices within the DOJ. That would make sense, but it would also mean this is very bad reporting, and a lot of reporters are jumping to inaccurate or misleading conclusions.

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