William Barr gives away something big during his announcement that Robert Mueller’s report is turned in

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report is now in the hands of Attorney General William Barr. Even as we wait for the other shoe to drop, Barr’s announcement about the receipt of the report has given away something big about how Mueller’s investigation has played out in the weeks since Barr took office.

By rule, William Barr has to publicly reveal any instances in which Robert Mueller and/or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein asked him to approve something but he refused. In his announcement letter, Barr says that there were no such instances. If Barr were lying about this, he’d quickly get exposed, and he’d get in legal trouble for it. So it’s safe to assume that he’s telling the truth. This is a big deal.

This means that Mueller got his way every single time he asked Barr to approve something. If Mueller asked for approval to refer criminal cases against Trump and/or his kids to places like SDNY for indictment and prosecution, then he got it. We don’t know what Mueller asked for, but we do know that he has a long and consistent history of being a particularly aggressive prosecutor. Now we know that he got his way with Barr.

We can’t stress enough that tonight’s prevailing media narrative about no one else getting indicted is misleading at best, and borders on intentional false reporting. People ranging from Chairman Adam Schiff to Senator Richard Blumenthal have called in to MSNBC to spell out that more indictments are likely coming from places like SDNY, but MSNBC just keeps sticking with its false narrative about no one else in Trump world getting indicted. We’re almost at a loss for words at how recklessly MSNBC is botching the story tonight.

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