Monster of their own making


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Many of our biggest fears are often given amplification by our own minds. For example, let’s say one has a fear of public speaking. Then when one actually does it, they find it is nowhere near as bad as they feared it would be.

That’s because the human brain, a strange and wonderful thing, can often be our worst enemy. It can make us ruminate, ponder and even obsess. And sometimes, we create monsters in our heads.

Something that one is afraid of becomes overblown, turning into a huge, terrifying thing that is often nowhere near as bad as our minds have made it. That is what is happening with the GOP right now. The Republican party finds itself in a quandary. Senator Warnock has won re-election. The Democrats won the Senate. We increased our majority to 51. The House was won by republicans but by a tiny majority.

And many of the failures of the GOP can trace back to Donald trump. HIS candidates lost. His strategies failed. Time and time again, the GOP has let their disturbed general lead them into mayhem, chaos, and loss. And still, they cannot denounce him.

The act of denouncing him would likely not be anywhere near as bad as they think it would be. Not if they all came together.

But you see, it’s those monsters in their heads. The GOP kind of waited too long. It certainly was long enough for their brains to play tricks on them and turn the denouncement of trump into one long agonizing monster.

So now they’re stuck. And it’s all because of the faulty wiring of their brains, which tells them the denouncement would be worse than what they have to deal with now. And they’re mad. They’re angry at Donald Trump. Many of them are VERY upset that Herschel Walker’s loss. Some are blaming Donald Trump. But only in secret.



As long as the GOP remains in a state of utter paralysis, letting their mind monsters dictate their every move, they’re doomed. If only they would listen to their better angels. Then again, I’m not so sure they would even recognize them.


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