Herschel Walker’s embarrassing loss is having ramifications across the GOP

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The fallout from the Herschel Walker fiasco continues. Reports are that many a republican is infuriated. Some of this fury we can see for ourselves. Meltdowns are being had by republicans all over the place. And the latest one comes from Fox non-news’s Laura Ingraham.

Never one to hold back on how she’s feeling, Ingraham gave new meaning to the word “bitter.” But it was WHERE her anger was directed that made things interesting. Her anger did not seem to be focused on Donald Trump — the man who personally selected Walker as a candidate.

Nor did it seem aimed at Walker himself for running a crappy campaign. No, Ingraham’s anger seemed focused on — the GOP themselves. “I’m pissed,” she snarled. “We felt this coming. To me, it never felt like the Senate Republicans wanted this guy in office.”

Well, yes, Laura, that might well be the case.

After all, a man who thinks he’s a vampire has ex-girlfriends accusing him of talking them into getting abortions and can’t string two coherent sentences together MIGHT worry the GOP a bit.

“He was a Trump pick,” a furious Ingraham went on. “They didn’t like that.”

“We just keep doing the same thing over and over,” Ingraham went on. “I’m pissed tonight. Frankly, I’m mad.”

My opinion? Laura IS mad, but I do not mean it in the sense of being angry. Frankly, anyone who wanted to get behind Walker’s candidacy is a bit mad. The man is a walking encyclopedia of how NOT to run a campaign. But Ingraham did admit there is a need for change.

“I felt it; you felt it but we don’t change anything,” she seethed. Ingraham is correct in that the GOP needs to change. They need to change A LOT. But they won’t. Any advice they get goes in one ear and out the other. Ingraham might just be poised for many more on-screen tantrums.

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