Mitt Romney reveals he is who we thought he was

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The sheep turned out to be a wolf after all. He may have donned the clothing of the sheep, but his words revealed him. They showed he was, after all, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I speak of Utah Senator Mitt Romney.

Romney, for years now, has been working feverishly on his image. He seemed to want to be known as one who would stand up to Trump. That in itself is a fallacy since Romney happily voted with Trump far more than he voted against him.

Still, Romney refused to give up. Doggedly he tried, even voting to impeach the lord of the lies. But during the debate on voting rights, the true character of the Romney Wolf came to the floor, front and center.

Romney gave a speech explaining why he would not support voting rights. And it was nothing more really than a massive slap in the face.

Romney, attempting to sound reasonable and sympathetic, explained that the law passed in Georgia forbidding anyone from giving food and water to exhausted older adults and others, waiting hours in line to vote, was for those voters’ good.

Romney explained this law was passed so these people wouldn’t be bothered by poll workers. Right, Mitt. This claim makes no sense, but Romney made it. Let’s look at what else he said.

Romney compared this law in Georgia to New York, claiming New York has the same rule about doling out refreshments to voters waiting in line. Once again, Mitt is wrong.

New York does indeed have a law, but all it says is that folks passing out food or water cannot be wearing any identifiable clothing or badges. Also, the value of what is being passed out in New York must be under a certain amount of money.

Nobody is going to prison in New York for handling a voter a small bottle of water. But wait! There’s more. Romney also claimed that Democrats engaged in “hysteria” regarding voting rights. Hysteria.

If there is one word I despise, it is that word. It is condescending, filled with moral superiority, and in this case,has nothing to do with the truth. Romney has just thrown away his political future. If he’d stood proud, he may have been able to salvage it. But his actions have shown he doesn’t give a damn about oppressive voting laws and as such, doesn’t give a damn about this country.

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