Military General rips “incredible failure” Donald Trump

As part of his closing argument to the American people about why he should be in charge of the country for another four years, Donald Trump is now insisting that coronavirus case numbers are only high in the United States because doctors are falsifying the numbers for profit. No really, Trump said this during a particularly deranged rally speech yesterday.

If you find this repulsive and un-American, it turns out you’re not the only one. General Barry McCaffrey had this to say on Twitter about the incident: “This is a Trump combination of dangerous ignorance and utter lack of integrity. Simply an incredible failure of leadership which is directly leading to the deaths of tens of thousands. How can any American tolerate his corruption.”

General McCaffrey is right, of course. Donald Trump is simply an embarrassment to America and to humanity. He keeps finding new ways to sink even lower, to tear more at the fabric of what makes this nation great, and to try to bring the rest of us down with him. It’s time to vote Trump out in overwhelming record numbers.


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