Donald Trump’s big surrender

Five members of Mike Pence’s staff have now tested positive for coronavirus, including his chief of staff, in the latest reminder that the Trump White House is less capable than the average McDonald’s when it comes to keeping the coronavirus under control. But it’s gotten even worse than that.

It’s one thing to be negligent, uninterested, even delusional about the coronavirus threat. The Trump regime is all of those things. But this morning Donald Trump’s White House chief of staff Mark Meadows went on TV and flat out said that the coronavirus can’t be contained, period.

Really? Because other countries have been doing just fine keeping it contained. What happened to America First? In fact this American conservative argument of “the pandemic can’t be controlled so let’s not bother doing anything about it (even though other nations have had great success controlling it)” is the same line of nonsense they’ve tried to sell us on climate change and gun control. There’s another word for it: surrender.

Donald Trump and his regime are simply surrendering to the coronavirus. It’s odd in that it’s not even simply a matter of selfish convenience. The coronavirus isn’t someone else’s problem. Trump’s inner circle, and now Pence’s inner circle, are falling ill from it. Statistically speaking, sooner or later, someone in that inner circle is going to die from it.

Yet the Trump regime has followed Donald Trump’s derangement so far down the rabbit hole that they’ve simply decided to surrender to a plague rather than doing things as simple as covering their faces. It’s deranged. It’s mentally incompetent. But mostly it’s just pathetic. Fire these people on election day.

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