Mike Pompeo’s entire world is unraveling by the minute

Mike Pompeo is one of those people who saw an opportunity for a shortcut to success by attaching himself to Donald Trump. He went from middling Congressman to Trump’s CIA Director, and then after doing a terrible job, got promoted to Trump’s Secretary of State. But when you make a deal with a devil like Trump, the devil always comes due – and Pompeo is finding that out right now.

Mike Pompeo helped Donald Trump engineer a corrupt arms deal with Saudi Arabia, and now it’s coming home to roost. When Pompeo learned that the State Department Inspector General was investigating the deal, he asked Trump to fire the guy. Trump obliged. But when the firing predictably became a major scandal, Trump promptly claimed that he’d never even heard of the IG, and that the firing was all Pompeo’s doing.

Pompeo should have seen this coming, because Trump is famously disloyal to those who are most loyal to him. But now it’s even worse for Pompeo. A number of State Department and Defense Department officials are now telling Politico that they opposed the corrupt arms deal with Saudi Arabia. Notably, they’re referring to it as Pompeo’s arms deal.


The Trump regime now appears intent on painting this arms deal as having been solely Mike Pompeo’s doing, which is what you do when you’re looking to scapegoat someone and shove them out the back door. It probably won’t be much longer before Trump claims he didn’t even know about the arms deal, forces Pompeo to resign, and perhaps even has Bill Barr try to pin the entire arms deal on him. Pompeo is already earmarked for prison, if Trump loses the election, due to his role in the Ukraine extortion scandal. Now it’s looking like Pompeo may not even survive until the election.

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