Mike Pence is turning self sabotage into an art form

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The art of self-sabotage is alive and well and living in the soul of former Vice President Mike Pence. Self-sabotage is an awful thing. When someone engages in this, it means they are doing something to prevent them from accomplishing whatever it is they want.

And Mike Pence wants power. He can’t have it, though — and the reasons why are entirely his fault. Have you noticed, friends and readers, the desperation coming from Pence? Have you seen him speak recently, especially in talking about the judge’s decision that he must testify against Trump in the Jack Smith case?

Have you seen his lopsided way of looking at things? Have you heard the tremor in his voice? Have you seen the almost frantic ways he is trying to spin this into good news for himself? Michael Pence is engaging in self-sabotage.

Mike Pence is wounded politically. He will never get Maga to his side. And yet his whole life has begun to resemble a horror novel. All he does is try to please the mob that would have happily seen him hung.

Yep. That is his self-sabotage. Allow me, if you will to tell you what I think he should do and why it would be to his benefit to do it. There is another way he could have handled it. I suspect it is too late for that, though.

Pence could have come forward and apologized to the country. I apologize for the Trump years, he could have said. Goodness has not left the Party. I, Mike Pence, encountered evil that day on January 6. I defended good. I am sorry, American people, but the man I worked for too long is, in fact, evil.

Then if Pence wanted to run, he could have said something like this: I am running for President. I want to lead with honor. That is why I am testifying on behalf of YOU — the American people — to Jack Smith about what I know about January 6. It’s the right thing to do, the only thing to do, and I’m doing it.

I could respect such a man as that. Pence would then have received two things that all the money and power in the world can’t buy — respect and honor.

He would have been hailed as one of the few republicans with honor. He would have been regarded as a hero. No, he likely would not get the nomination, but you know what? I think he’d have at least gotten more votes than he will get now.

It is a shame that Pence turned his back on respect and honor as he did. He is about to find out the hard way there is no replacement for those two very important things.

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