Michael Cohen reacts to the news that Donald Trump has been criminally indicted in Manhattan

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Moments ago the news broke that a Manhattan grand jury has voted to criminally indict Donald Trump on at least one felony charge. Even as we all attempt to put this into perspective, key witness Michael Cohen called in to MSNBC and shared some thoughts.

Cohen can be very direct when he thinks it’s needed. But on this occasion Cohen was mostly reserved, declining to state whether or not he knows what the specific charges are, and saying that “It’s better for the indictment to speak for itself.”

Cohen did add that “Accountability matters” and that he stands by his grand jury testimony. Given that the Manhattan DA went ahead and asked the grand jury to indict, it gives vindication to the credulity of Cohen’s testimony.

Cohen added that “I always believed that this day was going to come.” He also added this: “I wish that people would have taken a few moments and not jumped the gun the way that we’ve been watching the media, many of the talking heads worrying about what’s happening a month from now.”

In any case, the contrast is now fascinating. Donald Trump has been criminally indicted and is now going to be placed under arrest, arraigned in front of a judge, and tried in front of a jury. Meanwhile Michael Cohen is now a respected public figure and a two-time bestselling author.

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