MyPillow guy Mike Lindell’s new social network crashes and burns out of the gate

Earlier this week, MyPillow guy Mike Lindell revealed just how far gone he is when he put together and hosted a faux-cable news broadcast, only to be easily snowed by a prank caller who pretended to be Donald Trump. Lindell put the broadcast together to support the launch of his social media network, which he’s inexplicably calling “Frank Speech.”

We’re not sure who Frank is, but at this point we’re guessing Frank wants his money back. The website has allegedly already launched, but at present it’s offline and instead displays this message: “Thank you for visiting Frank! With over 2B requests in just 2-days, the Frankspeech experiment is a massive success – For you! Right now we’re working on new features – keep checking back, we’ll be up shortly!”

If “2B” is supposed to mean two billion, then we’re sorry, we can’t stop chuckling. There is no way that two billion people – nearly a third of the population of the entire planet – has tried to sign up for Lindell’s apparently nonexistent social network. This guy is crashing and burning in real time.

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