Donald Trump is fading


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Donald Trump has become irrelevant. Mr. Trump (Insurrectionist and the former guy-Florida for now-prison later) has been languishing in Palm Beach, not doing much of anything.

On Monday, the sleepy insurrectionist surfaced long enough to grant Maniac Sean Hannity an interview. Yet, nobody heard about it. It wasn’t breaking news. It was not discussed on television. It would have been very easy not even to know there was an interview with the former guy.

I did not watch it. From what I hear, it was the same old, same old. He teased a 2024 run (not happening). He parroted his gripes. He sounded like a cranky, irritable old man, which is basically what he is.

And he chose Hannity because Hannity is perhaps the only interviewer with whom the former guy is virtually guaranteed there will only be softball questions. To say Hannity was a safe pick is putting it mildly.

And many did not know of the interview. Many outlets did not report on it. People did not tune in heavily. Trump, to put it bluntly, is a has-been. It’s a nice feeling to see very few people care about what he has to say.

And he will only become more irrelevant in the months to come. Look, so many people are still terrified of Trump, so I wanted to write an article about why they shouldn’t be. But he is fading from peoples’ thoughts. And the fact that his interview barely received a peep from the media in terms of coverage is excellent. It means Trump isn’t news anymore. The media’s innate fascination with the former guy has ebbed.


It will only be a matter of time until Lady Justice comes calling for the former guy. To the worriers, I’d say: enjoy this moment. George Floyd received accountability. Trump cannot get press coverage. This is a very good time to be tuning into politics.



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