Mike Johnson’s thought police

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We’ve seen the literature, of course. The authors of such literature were way ahead of their time. They left this literature for us to ponder. Perhaps it was their way of warning us what could happen in the future. Books like 1984, Fahrenheit 451, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Brave New World showed us the dangers that could be waiting down the line.

And in a way, all their warnings have come to pass. What the GOP is now, is everything we were warned about. The GOP is the thought police. Think about it. What else does the GOP stand for except this? What else do they want for America besides stopping the will of the majority and stopping the business of critical thinking?

Let’s look at some examples. Tommy Tuberville. Look at what has been done to our military. Holding up military promotions, blocking military appointments — all in the name of squashing freedom of thought. Tuberville is a member of the thought police. So too, is our new Speaker — Mike Johnson, who, I believe, would happily make sure EVERYBODY followed his religion if he had a magic wand and could make it happen.

The banning of books is a form of psychological warfare from the thought police. What inspires us to think more clearly, more freely, and more independently than the written word? Every single Republican whop participated or approved of even one book ban is complicit. They’re complicit as being a member of the thought police.

And abortion? Look at the horrible way Republicans in both Ohio AND Wisconsin acted after we creamed them. They raged. They were bitterly disappointed that, once again, people had voted to think for themselves.

So yes, the thought police are among us. They are all the people I wrote about above. They are selfish, dangerous people who do not believe in any type of freedom of thought. There is much to be learned from history. Had I never read some of the books I mentioned above, I might not be as wise to the thought police as I am. I thank those authors for their warnings.

We have a lot of work to do, but the GOOD news — the good news, my friends, is that we’re crushing them. We re crushing the thought police. They don’t like it. In fact, they despise it. But there’s nothing they can do about it because we’re winning. Freedom of thought is winning. We must keep it up into 2024 and beyond until EVERY member of the thought police is out of power and a distant memory.

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