Turns out Mike Bloomberg is dead serious about Joe Biden winning Florida

Joe Biden has numerous electoral college paths to victory, while Donald Trump only has a few. Nearly all of Trump’s handful of paths go through Florida. Mike Bloomberg, who promised to spend big in support of the Democratic nominee, is making good on that promise by spending $100 million or more in Florida. But now he’s taking things even further.

The Republicans in Florida are desperate to keep felons from voting, in yet another GOP attempt at voter suppression. To that end, they’ve rigged things such that felons can only vote if they pay off whatever fines or court costs they might owe. Because many of these would-be voters are Black and Hispanic, the Republicans are counting on this stunt costing the Democrats a large chunk of voters in Florida.

But now Mike Bloomberg and his team are paying off the fines of more than thirty thousand Black and Hispanic voters in Florida, freeing them up to vote. This could make the difference if Florida ends up being close. This comes after LeBron James rolled out a similar multimillion dollar effort in Florida.

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