The real reason Donald Trump is melting down about Bumble Bee tuna fish

Earlier this evening Donald Trump used his campaign rally to tell a fake story about violent protesters throwing cans of tuna fish at people. He then made a point of emphasizing that it was Bumble Bee brand tuna fish. At the time, Palmer Report sarcastically asked why protesters would need a certain brand of tuna fish in order for their weaponry to be effective.

Now it turns out there may be a real-world answer for why Trump is making up this particular lie. Former FBI Assistant Director Frank Figliuzzi has pointed out to Palmer Report that awhile back, Bumble Bee came out strongly against Donald Trump’s tariff and trade war, while its competitor StarKist came out in support of the tariffs.

Now Donald Trump is conveniently making up a false story about violent protesters using cans of Bumble Bee tuna fish as weapons. It’s probably not a coincidence. At this point Trump is being driven in equal parts by petty vengeance and sheer lunacy.

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