Donald Trump has berserk meltdown about President Obama

Donald Trump is even more agitated than usual tonight. Maybe it’s because he’s been caught trying to fake a trade deal with Mexico. Maybe it’s because new poll numbers say that he’s hilariously behind in the 2020 race. Or maybe he senses that impeachment really is coming. Either way, Trump just showed us precisely how agitated he is with a late night meltdown about President Obama.

Right around 12:30am eastern time, Donald Trump decided that it would be a good idea to start rage tweeting about his predecessor. Trump ended up quoting Fox News assclown Tucker Carlson in the process: “Someone should call Obama up. The Obama Administration spied on a rival presidential campaign using Federal Agencies. I mean, that seems like a headline to me?” Trump then added his own words: “It will all start coming out, and the Witch Hunt will end. Presidential Harassment!”

We don’t know what any of the above is supposed to mean, and neither does Donald Trump. He’s now reduced to jealous rage-tweeting in the middle of the night about his revenge fantasies against a former president who’s infinitely more popular and respected than he ever will be. If this is all Trump can come up with, no wonder he’s currently getting blown out in 2020 polling.

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